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VERSES 1 & 2

The man on TV said "there's a killer on the loose
If you see him, get out of that place
You'll recognize him by his coal black eyes
And the massive beard on his face"

The lady in my bed fastened her bra
And grabbed my wallet, took a hundred dollar bill
She said "It sounds like you better get out of town
They're out to get you, and pretty soon they will"

She grabbed me by the beard, said "get rid of that thing
If you cut your hair, maybe you can disappear
As it is now, your picture's everywhere
There's not a goddamn chance in hell that you'll make it out of here"

I slapped her cross the face and let out a laugh
And said, "lady, I know we just met
But I'm telling you now, I'll never shave my beard
No matter how close the cops may get"


I've robbed, I've killed, I've been real bad
But this is the first time I've gotten mad
I'm a long-time veteran of foul play
But nothing as cold-blooded as cutting my beard away


The lady left my motel room an hour ago
The law has already arrived
Given all the heat and the glare in their eyes
It doesn't look good I'll survive

A man holding a bullhorn calls out my name
Says I should come out with my hands in the air
Or I can put up a fight, and then they'll settle for my corpse
And bury it shorn of facial hair



The rage boils up
As I punch a hole
In the wall by the ancient kitchenette

I reach my hand in
And break the gas line
I'm not one for feeling regret

As the smell fills the room
I call out to the cops
And dare them to come after me

I put a cigarette
In my mouth
Then light the match that will set me free



from For Those About To Grow Your Beard (We Salute You), released December 3, 2017
All music / lyrics / performance (c) 2017 Opinionated Whiskers / NoneMaySay.com


all rights reserved



Opinionated Whiskers

We've dedicated our lives to the gospel of the whisker.

Thank you for growing yours!

Or, if you haven't, we hope to show you the error of your ways.

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